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Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Stabilizer Pad - by Steady Spin

Works for both Top and Front Load Machines

  • The top-rated universal Anti-Vibration pad that really works. No lifting involved and solves the vibration problem from the top of the machine rather than the bottom.

  • Easy to install. Just slip the vinyl bladder between your machine and counter top—or between the two machines, or to one side, wherever the vibration needs to be padded. Inflate to a snug fit with the handy manual pump, which hides so you don't see it. One reviewer said, "It's as if you have hired someone to sit on your machine 24/7 keeping it nailed to the floor!"

  • Your machine will now be stable during the most ferocious spin cycles, absorbing energy and reducing noise while ensuring no movement for the duration of the entire cycle.

  • The very strong, double seamed vinyl balloon stays inflated. Forget old fashion mats and rubber feet. Stop vibration, movement, and noise with this simple innovative idea that saves you wear and tear on your machine, floors, and brings peace back to apartment/condo/duplex/home living.

  • Fits all makes and models of washing machines and dryers. You'll love it because it works. 

  • Your neighbors will thank you—and likely ask where they can get one too! 



Our Story

Our commitment is simple - to infuse your home with peace and functionality through this high quality product. Steady Spin USA has created a simple and effective device for quieting appliance noise caused by movement.



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